Trail Designs Caldera Keg Stove System

This tiny, fast stove performs great in poor weather.
Caldera Keg Stove System
Price $59.95


Fuel Type Alcohol
Pot Included


Weight 6 oz


For the price of a couple of large pizzas and a pitcher of beer, you can own a stove that's fast, light, and performs great in bad weather. The PocketRocket's burner-mounted partition divides the flame into three parts, which helps keep the fire going through moderate wind gusts even if one section blows out. In a Texas rainstorm, the MSR held a steady flame, and it outperformed all other stoves except the Soto when the mercury dropped below freezing. Downsides: Don't expect precision heat control, and the tightly focused flame creates a hotspot. The angled supports have only three tiny points of contact with the pot, so stability is iffy on anything less than level ground. And use the plastic storage box (included): One tester slightly mangled the stove's pot supports when he threw the stove into his pack unprotected.

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Criteria less than 6 ounces; less than $65

Test numbers 120 meals cooked; 50 gallons of water boiled; temps 0° to 70°F; winds up to 60 mph

Ratings scale 5 = Perfect gear, 1 = Save your money (Overall rating is not an average of other scores.)The Caldera Keg Stove System utilizes a conical windscreen designed to support and completely surround the supplied (recycled) pot, and completely capture 100% of the heat produced by the supplied alcohol (or optional solid fuel) stove. The system includes all the pieces you see here and is designed to provide the ultimate in wind protection, fuel efficiency and stability for the ultralight backpacker.