The 14 Best Tents of 2016

Whether you go light or go big, one of these bomber tents is right for your trip.
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What does the perfect tent look like? It all depends on what you're going to use it for. For light-and-fast, high-mileage missions in good weather, you'll want a minimalist shelter that provides just enough protection, like the Nemo Escape Pod. For riding out the biggest storms, go for a bomb shelter like the Hilleberg Niak. And for everything in between, you'll find something on this list of the best tents of the year.

Tent Test Stats

Testers: 27
Nights out: 407
Miles hiked: 4,907
Longest trip: 3,100 miles (Continental Divide Trail)
Hottest temp: 110°F (Capitol Reef National Park, UT)
Coldest temp: 0°F (Chugach State Park, AK)
Worst weather: 48 hours of pouring rain that turned into a blizzard and dropped a foot of snow in Greenland
Highest camp: 19,490 ft. (Aconcagua)
Heaviest pack: 48 pounds
Strongest wind: 70 mph (Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada)

Best Tents

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