The Best Backcountry Skis and Boots of 2021

The backcountry never looked better. Get out and enjoy it with these smart picks.
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Touring in the backcountry is different from ripping turns off a chairlift. For starters, you have to think about the way up: Your gear has to be tough enough to keep you in control on the descent without weighing you down on the ascent. These four skis and two ski boots represent the best of everything we tested this season.

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The Best Skis of 2021

The Best Backcountry Ski Boots of 2021

Heading into the backcountry for the first time? Make sure you're prepared with the right gear (a beacon, shovel, and probe are all must-haves) and the proper training. Already equipped? Upgrade with our picks for the best new snow safety gear of the season.