The 2015 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Backpacker

The 2015 Valentine's Day Gift & Getaway Guide

6 Valentine's Day gifts for your outdoorsy sweetheart, plus 4 tips for a romantic backcountry getaway.

4 Tips for Spending Valentine’s Day in the Backcountry

1. Plan an easy overnight.

You’ve got the whole rest of the year to push your limits. Consider Valentine’s Day an excuse to keep it simple for a change. Pick a destination that’s relatively close by and plan on logging a manageable amount of miles that’ll allow you to get into camp well before sundown. You’re going on a romantic getaway, not a death march.

2. Think ultraluxe rather than ultralight.

This isn’t the time to fret over a few extra ounces, either. Stock up on cuddly layers and warm socks. Bring your thickest sleeping pad. Heck, bring two pillows apiece. If you’re headed for wintry conditions (hello, Northeast!), pack a winter-ready stove like the Jetboil Joule to melt snow and boil plenty of water for hot drinks.

3. Cook up something hearty and delicious.

No advance reservations or overpriced prix fixe menus here, but you can still enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day meal. Bring fresh meat and vegetables to cook up a hearty stew, or indulge in gourmet red gnocchi that wouldn’t be out of place at a fancy bistro.

4. Don’t forget the tunes.

Build a playlist in advance, then bring along a wireless Bluetooth speaker—big or small—to set the mood with classic Motown hits or the crooner of your choice.