Teva Zilch



Membrane No membrane
Men's Sizes Start 7
Men's Sizes End 14


Women's Sizes Start 5
Women's Sizes End 11
Men's Weight 14 oz
Women's Weight 14 oz

Existing modelThe Zilch is the thinnest, most minimalistic sport sandal Teva has ever made. Minimalist construction means that the Zilch will bend and flex naturally with your foot, giving you an amazing feel and connection to the earth, but also giving you traction and protection that a bare foot doesn't. The Zilch is so flexible that it can actually be completely rolled up, making it the perfect camp shoe when you're packing light.
- Spider Original rubber made to grip like crazy in wet (and dry) environments
- just 10mm of material between your foot and the ground lets the Zilch flex and bend naturally with you
- outsole slightly wraps up around the foot to keep you from slipping off
- topsole features a slow recovery material that allows your foot to slowly sink into it, giving a unique fit for every foot