Teva Gnarkosi



Membrane No membrane
Men's Sizes Start 7
Men's Sizes End 14


Women's Sizes Start 5
Women's Sizes End 11
Men's Weight 1 lb, 6 oz
Women's Weight 1 lb, 2 oz

Existing modelThe Gnarkosi was developed in collaboration with professional wakeskate athletes to deliver maximum water performance with distinctive street styling. Beyond wakeskating, the Gnarkosi is ideal for any water adventure from kayaking to rafting, stand up paddling to hiking on a rocky shoreline. The Gnarkosi’s hydrophobic materials don’t absorb water and its compression EVA midsole with Teva’s Drain Frame™ perforations in the toe and heel drain water. A completely flat outsole with Teva’s proprietary Spider Original rubber provides maximum surface contact and grip whether you’re on a board or climbing over wet rocks.
-Our Spider Rubber is made to grip like crazy in wet environments
-the bottom of the sole is completely flat, providing maxiumum surface contact
-Drain Frame™ technology gets water out of the shoe, which means your shoes dry in a flash
-It uses materials that won't absorb water, keeping them light and dry no matter what you get yourself into
-Tough synthetic leather upper
-the insole is integrated into the construction so that water can't get underneath it and you get a seamless feel
-A protective toe guard fights off black toenails