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Terramar Reflex SS Scoop

The affordable Terramar Reflex SS Scoop sets the bar for good looks—and is available in plus sizes (up to 3X).
Reflex SS Scoop
Price $40.00


Weight 6 oz


Fit Testers of all sizes appreciated the shirt’s flattering details, including a past-the-hips cut, slimming vertical stitching on the front, and a rounded hem that splits at the hips. But the Reflex doesn’t just coast on its good looks: That longer hem stays put under a hipbelt, while the scoop neck was high enough to be comfy under a sternum strap.

Fabric The 19 percent elastane in the fabric (the rest is polyester) is a finer denier than regular Lycra, which means it’s softer and dries faster while still adding scramble-worthy stretch. An antimicrobial coating allowed us to wear it for long weekends in the desert without offending campmates.