Terra Nova Equipment Voyager 2.2

A solo tent with XXL dimensions.
Price $500.00


Shape Other
Free Standing
Capacity 2
Number of Poles 3
Diameter of Poles (mm) 8.8
Floor Space (sq ft) 30


Length (inches) 88
Width (inches) 100
Nonstandard Shape
Interior Height (inches) 43
Vestibule Type standard
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 10
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 7
Weight 4 lbs, 10 oz

[big and tall]

NEMO Moto 1P

Like most tall campers, our 6’7” tester often sleeps with his feet scrunched against mesh—but he discovered rare comfort in the 109-inch-long Moto. “I could extend my arms behind my head and still not touch either end,” he rejoices. Add XXL dimensions in every other direction—46 inches wide at the head and 27 at the foot, and a 37-inch peak height—and there’s enough space to sprawl comfortably and still store gear inside. And now the really good news: You get all that extra space without extra weight.

That’s a result of several design choices: 1) a tradeoff—in extra-long mode, there’s no vestibule; 2) a weight-saving air beam (in lieu of a pole) provides the main structure; 3) it’s a single-wall; and 4) it’s not freestanding.

Testers deemed the latter three nonissues: Inflating the air beam takes just 30 seconds using the integrated foot pump, condensation never built up, and four stakes achieve a taut pitch—in the Rockies, the Moto prevailed in hammering 35-mph winds. And the former? If you want a vestibule, just roll the floor back to create a 10.5-square-foot one. Bummer: Opening the door during rain allows some drips inside. $330; 2 lbs. 14 oz.
New for Spring 2011 the Voyager 2.2 takes the classic 3 pole geodesic structure and gives you two porches, two entrances and lots of space for a weight of less than 5lb. Its designed for 3-4 season backpacking and is also ideal for bike touring.
High quality performance fabrics
DAC alloy poles
Multiple ventilation options
5.5g titanium pegs