Tarptent Double Rainbow

Best value


Weight 2 lbs, 10 oz


Our take In 2010, we lauded the Double Rainbow for its low weight, livable space, and affordable price. This new version is improved in almost every way: A 42-inch peak height combines with a wider top strut to expand headroom. “I never fit in tents, but my 6’1” dad and I were each able to sit upright,” says one 6’6” tester. The 31.5-square-foot floor is a hair larger than the previous iteration (it easily fits two full-size pads), and the whole thing is only $10 more.

The details A 5-inch-high bathtub floor and low-to-the-ground fly prevented moisture from entering during a storm with 35-mph winds, fixing a common complaint about the original Double Rainbow. The top strut is now also fully collapsible for easier packing. Bummer: Even for a single-wall, condensation is excessive; we experienced significant moisture on a cold night in the Pyrenees.

Trail cred “Propping the vestibule up with a trekking pole makes for a great awning, even in light rain,” said one tester after a weekend in California’s San Bernardino National Forest.