Takeya 14-Ounce Actives Water Bottle

Best water bottle for kids
14-Ounce Actives Water Bottle


Weight 13 oz


Let’s be real. Kids don’t care if their drinks stay cold for eight hours or if their favorite water bottle is durable. They want something that looks cool, has an “adult” feel, and is easy to use. This Takeya bottle fills that need, and also provides a neat design solution: It bridges the space between a Nalgene (which kids will promptly spill all over themselves) and a straw bottle, letting them feel like a big kid. It’s all about the cap, which has two openings (a larger one to fill and a smaller one to drink from) that were easy enough for our four-year-old tester to operate himself. Parents appreciated that after a season of hard, daily use the bottle experienced zero leaks and the threads on the cap never stripped, unlike other kid’s bottles we’ve tested.

$25; 12.8 oz.