Summer 2014 Winning Gear Testers Announced!

Meet the two latest additions to our gear-testing team!

Meet the two latest additions to our gear-testing team! Kim and John will be joining our team at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City. They'll be helping out with our trade show coverage and working for our sister publication, Outdoor Retailer Daily. We can't wait to work with them!

Kim Greenhut

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Kim won us over because her video opened with an early morning selfie showing us what she looks like when she wakes up in a tent (she looks pretty good to us!). She then proceeded to take us on a climb of Mt. Whitney, proving to us that she’s got the stamina, great attitude, and hiking chops that we look for in a gear tester.

Watch her winning video:

John Amorosano

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John is the epitomy of the BACKPACKER reader. He’s a rabid long trail hiker, a total gear nut, and we love his middle of the road approach to weight. He’s not an ultralight freak and likes to pack some luxuries, yet he is very aware of ounces and knows what everything in his pack weighs.

Watch his winning video: