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Fuel Up With an Energy Drink Mix That Actually Tastes Good

Get the electrolytes you need without overpowering your tastebuds.

A confession: I am terrible at staying hydrated in the backcountry. Yes, I’ve read all the literature, routinely get reprimanded by my hiking partners, and vow—after every headache and bout of fatigue that inevitably starts just a few miles before I’m back at the car—to do it differently next time. (That never ends up happening.) The embarrassing reason behind my constant failure mostly comes down to taste; I’ve never been a fan of plain ol’ H2O, and most energy drinks or powders are too overpowering. Lately, though, I’ve found a solution: This drink mix offers a combo of subtle flavor and energy-preserving electrolytes that have me reaching for my water bottle during breaks, not groaning when I find it full at the end of an outing. On sunny, sweat-soaked touring missions near the tail end of the backcountry ski season in the Tetons and climbing days in spring warmth, Hydrant’s mix of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc replenished what I’d lost and kept that dreaded end-of-day decline away. (Four grams of sugar is enough to jumpstart your engine but won’t cause you to crash later.) And the taste is excellent: a hint (think La Croix), rather than assaulting your tastebuds. I put two packets of the blood orange flavor—my favorite—in one liter of water for more intense missions and never thought it too sweet. It looks like I’ve solved my hydration problem for the moment; now, if I can just figure out why I hike so slowly. $12 (pack of 12); Buy Now