Solo Stove Titan Review

A wood-burning stove that collapses small and burns big.
Stove Titan
Price $90.00


Fuel Type Solid Fuel


Weight 1 lb


“Want to turn camp cooking from a chore to a pleasure? Heat your mac ’n’ cheese over a wood-burning stove. Yes, it takes longer (expect at least twice the boil time of a good canister stove*), but that’s exactly the point. You’ll want to linger over the warm glow of the flames, tinkering with the fire to keep it hot. During a week in Jordan, where isobutane canisters and white gas were unavailable, I cooked dinner for six hungry hikers on the Titan. Conditions were perfect: plenty of dry, finger-width pieces of wood, which made boiling even 2 liters of water at a time doable. The Titan is a bit heavy for a wood-burner, but we like its sturdy, double-wall construction, which circulates warm air into the firebox for more efficient combustion.” $90; 1 lb.;

Best For

Campers who want to cook naturally—and save fuel weight on long treks

Tester Data

Dennis Lewon

When Nov.

Where Jordan; 35°F to 55°F; wind

“The sturdy, wide design managed even a 4.7-liter pot, and the Titan collapses to a packable 5.6-by-5.1-inch cylinder.”