SOG Ultra C-Ti

Lightest everyday carry
Ultra C-Ti
Price $134.00


Weight 1 oz


Our take Many backpackers who scrutinize every gram they carry still want a full-size blade. This 1.3-ounce cutter is for them. The carbon-fiber handle is only about 5mm thick, and the 2.8-inch blade is made from the same metal used in high-quality chef’s knives (VG-10 steel), which gives it a long-lasting edge and thwarts rust. Finger slots provide a solid grip for making precision cuts. No surprise, the Ultra C Ti makes short work of zip ties and hard cheese. Ding: The thin handle proved a little uncomfortable when really bearing down. And it’s spendy for hikers who aren’t knife geeks.

Trail cred “I just slip a credit card, some cash, and my ID into the titanium clip and I’m set for a long bike ride, run, or dayhike,” says our Virginia-based tester, who carried the Ultra C-Ti daily for more than two months. “It’s so thin and light you don’t even notice it in your pocket.”