Sleeping Bag Repair Tips

Learn what you can and can't fix yourself on a sleeping bag.

Can Fix

  • Dirty bag. Ship your bag to a repair shop for a professional laundering.
  • Unraveling seams or holes. Most outdoors stores sell patch kits, and repair shops can easily fix separating seams and patche torn shells and liners.
  • Lost loft in a down bag. Ask your repair shop to inject new down (550 fill power or higher) in your bag.
  • Broken hardware. Shops can mend or replace zippers and slip new drawstrings into hoods.

Can't Fix

  • Lost loft in a synthetic bag. There's no way to restore loft to synthetic fills.
  • Ruptured baffles. If you ran your sleeping bag through your home washing machine only to find that all the fill material gathered in the foot, it's time to buy a new bag.