Sleep Better When Camping

Got the gear but still can't get any rest? These 10 tips will improve your snooze.

>> Pack your iPod and some favorite mellow tunes. Music can help relax you after an adrenaline-filled day.

>> Use earplugs to tune out snoring partners and flapping tents.

>> Cover your eyes. Get a multipurpose Buff (also use it as a headband, hat, gaiter, and more). Starts at $14 (

>> Camp near white noise, like the steady, soothing sound of a river or waterfall.

>> Hike farther. Exhaustion equals sleep.

>> Pack your pillowcase from home. The familiarity can help you sleep better.

>> Match your bag and pad to your sleeping style. Mummy shapes work best for back sleepers; thrashers and side-curlers will want a roomier bag and wider pad.

>> Go to bed warm. Do a few situps or pushups before getting in the sack.

>> Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, and drink water instead to stay hydrated.

>> Stick to routine. Go to sleep at your normal bedtime hour.