Ski Pulk Snowclipper Pulk Sled

Be a hero: Haul heavy winter loads.
Snowclipper Pulk Sled
Price $255.00


Weight 9 lbs


Size Consider this the crossover vehicle of pulks: not as massive as a full-blown expedition rig, but still burlier and easier to manage than a cheap plastic sled tied to your hipbelt. “I made fast friends by pulling three people’s gear, plus an elk dinner for 16 on our first night,” says our hut-trip martyr. The sled can handle more than 70 pounds (assuming you can), but make sure to pack heavy items on the bottom to keep it from tipping on angled traverses.

Tow Package Any harness (not included) connects to the Ski Pulk Snowclipper via a pair of 6-foot fiberglass poles, which prevent the sled from sliding into your calves while traveling downhill. Our tester recommends adding ski wax to the base if you plan on pulling through heavy, wet snow. Bummer: The retractable fins (they add stability while traversing sidehills) were only effective in packed snow. 56” x 18” x 7”