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Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30

Lightweight and warm, this sleeping bag has a roomy cut and core insulation.
Pyro Maniac 15/30
Price $319.95


Temperature Rating 15


Fill Power 600
Girth (inches) 57
Weight 2 lbs, 13 oz

[most versatile]

You could splurge on a summer-weight bag and another that can handle three-season temps. Or you could buy this two-fer. The Pyro Maniac is a 30°F down bag that comes with an extra set of baffles (a 38-by-45-inch quilt, pictured below outside the sleeve) that slides into a top-side compartment where it serves as another layer of core insulation. It adds about 15 degrees of warmth for just 10 ounces.

Alone, the bag was “warm down to 33°F when I was sleeping under a tarp,” said one tester after a trip in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Another used it with the topper for a week of hiking around Tanis Mesa in Alaska, and he reports, “The extra baffles kept my core plenty warm when temps dipped to the low 20s, but I did wish for more insulation in the footbox.”

All testers praised the roomy cut, which worked well even for 6-foot, 200-plus-pound big guys. The 30-denier polyester ripstop shell is water-resistant: “I spilled water on the bag and it rolled right off,” says one tester. “And when morning condensation on my tarp soaked the footbox, I didn’t feel cold, and it dried quickly in the sunshine.” Nitpicks: The full-length zipper snagged. $319; 2 lbs. 13 oz. (with extra baffles); 15°F to 30°F; sierradesigns.comThe Pyro uses Sierra Designs' Core Comfort Technology to place extra insulation over the torso for maximum heat retention. The Pyro Maniac has Dual Temp , with a removable down torso panel that enables the sleeping bag to function at 15 & 30 degrees
- pillow pocket
- Easy access, ventable, 60" zipper
- ergonomic hood & footbox

- Snag-free zipper tracks
- Includes stuff and storage sacks

- Men's 3-Season CCT