Shoot It, Film It, Find It

Cameras, camcorders, and GPS–our testers pick the best for the trail.

Finally, the trip of your dreams. The peaks are bigger than you imagined. The lakes are more emerald than blue. And the wildflowers look like they've been ripped from a Monet. So how do you bring all that drama home?

In the next few pages, we'll show you. Over four months of testing, our crew whittled more than a dozen new digital cameras and camcorders down to eight units that blow away technology we reviewed as recently as last winter. These cameras are smaller, lighter, crisper, and more powerful–and some are more weather-resistant, too. Want to print magazine-quality photos or post your trip video on YouTube? These tools make it easy.

But wait: There's more. GPS innovation is off the map (sorry), so we created a simple guide to help you find the device that suits your favorite activities. Because, after all, you can't pull off your dream trip without a great map.