Sherpa Adventure Gear Tufan Softshell

A fleecy pattern on the inside gives this lightweight softshell a supple feel.
Tufan Jacket Softshell
Price $140.00


Weight 11 oz



Sherpa’s 3D Dry technology features tiny, microfleece-like nylon triangles laminated to the shell’s interior, slightly lifting the fabric off the skin. Sherpa says the textured surface wicks away sweat, and the spaces in between promote airflow. Testers agree: “It was outstanding for letting body heat escape when I was running or hiking hard uphill, and when I was really working hard, the triangles kept the shell from sticking to my sweaty arms and back,” reports one tester. “I even wore it for sun protection in a pinch on an 80°F Grand Canyon hike, and it wasn’t much warmer than your average sun shirt.”


Unlike minimalist wind shells, this one lets you batten down the hatches with an adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem. Two hand pockets plus a chest pocket provide plenty of storage space.


“Not so baggy that you’re swimming in it, but allows for layers underneath,” says a tester. Bummer: no stretch.

Weather protection

The Tufan felt at home on everything from sunny, breezy days in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest to drizzly, 40°F summit trips with 30-mph gusts. But this is not the choice for anything more than drizzle: The DWR fended off the rain for only about five minutes (though when the shell does get wet, the polyester is quick to dry).


Softball size—plenty small for a luxury layer on backpacking trips.