Sea to Summit Aeros Down Pillow

Luxury accessory


Weight 3 oz


If you’re looking to sleep better (who isn’t?), look no further than this ultralight pillow. “It’s so cushy that I almost feel guilty using it,” one notoriously light-sleeping tester says. “But I’ll never go back to sleeping on my dirty clothes again.” The Aeros is topped with down that kept his head warm on a 15°F night in Spain’s Pyrenees (the non-down-filled side of the pillow also has soft fabric if you prefer to keep a bit cooler), and its 4.7-inch thickness hides any trace of rocks underneath. It’s a bit longer and wider than a loaf of bread, but packs down to the size of a kiwi. (The Aeros also comes in large and deluxe sizes.) A two-way valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate. Caveat: price.