Salomon Park LS Tee

Natural bamboo charcoal fibers make it the quickest-drying, most breathable baselayer in our test.
Park LS Tee
Price $55.00


Weight 7 oz



“Supremely effective,” says a high-octane Washington tester who took the Park skate skiing, winter trail running, and cycling all over the Cascades. “It even dried out between rain showers when it got repeatedly soaked on a drizzly day on Tiger Mountain.” The secret sauce: Polyester blended with bamboo charcoal fibers, which have excellent absorption (speeding wicking) and natural microgaps within the fibers (making for superior ventilation).


Don’t choose the Park for low-effort, low-temperature trips. The thin fabric is best suited for aerobic sports in moderate temps. Bonus: UPF 50 sun protection.


It’s silky and smooth but not very stretchy, and runs a bit small. Consider sizing up.

Stink resistance

Though bamboo charcoal supposedly has natural antibacterial qualities, we found this shirt pretty average in the smelliness category. “The stink was definitely noticeable after a day of running or skiing, but I’ve smelled worse, and it mostly, but not completely, washed out,” notes one tester.