Ridge Merino Inversion Heavyweight Crew & Bottoms

Most versatile baselayer from the Fall/Winter 2018 Gear Guide.
Inversion Heavyweight Crew & Bottoms
Price $170.00

Thick layers are great in arctic conditions, but can get swampy as the mercury rises. The Inversion flips the script:   “On a hard, fast nighttime ski outside Missoula, Montana, it wicked so quickly that I barely noticed any moisture,” one tester says.


The Inversion’s long hem stayed tucked, and its sleeves extend far enough to keep long-limbed testers happy. A UPF 50 rating adds protection when the top is worn alone. Ding: We saw some wear (unraveling stitching) around the wrists after three months of use.


“The merino is naturally stretchy, so the top felt like a second skin when I reached for handholds in the redrock canyons near Sedona, Arizona,” reports a tester.

Weight: 9.5 oz.

Sizes: Men’s S-XL, Women’s XS-L



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