Revo Traverse

These shades transform into glacier goggles.
Price $269.00


Weight 3 oz


Protection Two for one: These Revo Traverse sunnies double as glacier goggles, thanks to removable fins on the temples. “I could save my eyes from snow glare on all-day tours,” one tester says, “and then remove the fins and wear the Traverses as everyday shades.” The fins slide onto the temples and attach via pins (tip: always keep them in your chest pocket; they’re really lose-able). Sure, the price is up there, but if you’re in the market for glacier goggles and sunglasses, it’s not bad.

Frames The frames are thicker where they support the lenses, which gives them a sort of goggle-like cupping action against your brow and cheekbones—great for keeping the elements (and glare) out.