Review: Therm-a-Rest Comfort System

Tired of that foamy sleeping pad? Upgrade to this customized comfort system


Whether you're hunkering down in a tent in the Costa Rican jungle or hut-and-hostel surfing through Europe, use this three-piece system to create a versatile warm-weather bed. First, buy a Fitted Sheet for your Therm-a-Rest pad (sheets come in three sizes, $21 to $25). Sheets fit snugly, and they'll work with similar inflatable foam pads of any brand. Made of soft, brushed polyester, the sheets feel like 400-count Egyptian cotton when the alternative is having your cheek pasted to a clammy sleeping pad. Next, choose your quilt: the 40°F Ventra Down Comforter ($200, 2 lbs., pictured) or the summer-weight (unrated) synthetic Tech Blanket ($50, 1 lb. 5 oz.). Snap the blanket to the sheet and climb in. The system is much roomier than a mummy bag, making it ideal for big guys and toss-and-turners. "The snaps along the sides, plus the drawcord at the foot, gave me tons of ventilation options," said our tester. Both quilts come in regular and long sizes. Reader service #119