Review Roundup: Best New Camp Kitchen Gear 2015

We tested every new camp stove, cook pot, and more to bring you these 8 top picks in backcountry camp kitchen gear.

Camp Kitchen Gear Reviews

Everyone has their own system for eating and cooking in the backcountry. But whether you prefer simplicity or full-on gourmet, having the right gear helps you focus on what counts. We put the newest items to the test, and bring you reports on our favorites (and one classic). For more stove, cookpot, and accessory reviews, check out our cookware review channel.

2015 Camp Kitchen Trends

This can be a slow-moving category, but not this year. Manufacturers announced a bunch of new stove systems, and we tried as many as we could get our hands on.

Award winners

Two innovations were worthy of our coveted Editors' Choice Awards: JetBoil's MiniMo, the first personal cook system that can truly simmer, and Sea To Summit's collapsible X-Pot. We also gave an Editors' Choice Gold Award to the Snow Peak GigaPower stove, which after 15 years, is still an incredible bargain.


Booze gear

Meanwhile, it's clear that the craft beer and spirits trend is sweeping the outdoor world. Nearly every outdoor brand that was already making some kind of beverage container is now making gear specifically for carrying or drinking booze with class. See a few of our favorites below, or check out our Outdoor Growler Battle to see the best insulated beer carriers on the market right now.

backcountry booze gear

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