Recipe: Backcountry Pizza

If you're camping with kids, this pizza is a must make.
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Backcountry Pizza

(serves 1 hungry camper)

1 bag Betty Crocker pizza dough mix (Make it healthier: mix up your own dough using whole wheat flour.)

3-5 tbsp. pizza or pesto sauce

1 cup grated cheese (your favorite type)

Optional toppings








Whatever you like!

To make

Mix dough with water according to package directions. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Oil a straight-sided nonstick 8 or 10” skillet. Spread the dough thinly across the bottom of the skillet. (Note: Don’t use all the dough or the crust will be too thick. Save half of it for a second pizza.) Spread sauce evenly. Sprinkle cheese. Add the toppings and spices of your choice!

Set the pan over a very low flame. (Tip: For this recipe, you must use a stove that simmers or the crust will burn and the cheese won’t melt!), and cover tightly. Cook for about 7 minutes until the crust is golden brown and easily releases from the bottom of the pan and the cheese is melted.