Readers' Choice 2014: MSR Base 2 Pots

A gourmet nesting set of pots.
Price $60.00


Pot Included


Weight 12 oz

[gourmet pot set]
This nesting pot set (ideal for two to three people) allows me to move beyond the one-pot meal (hello backcountry Thanksgiving with stuffing and mashed potatoes!). It includes 1.5- and 2.5-liter pots, a strainer lid and removable pot handle that work with both, and a little towel for cleanup duty. An 8-ounce fuel canister, stove, and my bowl easily fit inside. I’ve bashed these aluminum pots all over North America: They have held their shape and the nonstick coating on the pots is unscathed (I’m careful to use non-metal utensils). But it’s the little ergonomic details that make this set such a gem, like an easy-to-grab lid lifter and a sturdy handle that never gets hot. $60; 1 lb. 2 oz.;