Readers' Choice 2014: Eastern Mountain Sports Traverse

A dependable, year-round shelter from Eastern Mountain Sports.
Price $400.00


Ease of Setup 1 / 5
Weatherproofing 1 / 5
Ventilation 1 / 5
Living Space 1 / 5
Capacity 2
Number of Poles 4
Diameter of Poles (mm) 1


Floor Space (sq ft) 33
Length (inches) 0.5
Width (inches) 0.5
Interior Height (inches) 45
Vestibule Type standard
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 10
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 0.5
Weight 6 oz

[all-season tent]
Why I love it In the Pacific Northwest, a dependable, year-round shelter is paramount. This tent is a fortress in winter, yet it’s airy enough for summer and—when split between two people—is quite manageable to carry on mild-weather backpacking trips.
Protection Four sturdy 9mm poles, four pole junctions, a combo of clips and pole sleeves, and three-point guylines gave the Traverse the fortitude to withstand lashing winds in Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness and exposed snow-camping on Montana’s Mt. Stuart.
Space With 33 square feet of floor space and a 45-inch peak height, my partner and I had plentiful head- and elbowroom to wait out a pounding thunderstorm in Oregon’s Indian Heaven Wilderness. The 10-square-foot vestibule allows for stacked pack storage or cooking in nasty weather.
Ventilation A big mesh front door and four ceiling vents provide good airflow in warm weather, but condensation accumulated on cool fall nights.
Fave features I loved the glowing zipper pulls and the 10 (!) interior pockets.
$400; 6 lbs. 4 oz.;

Tested by:

Whit Vogel, 31
Hometown - Portland, OR
Day job - Art Director