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Rab Silwing Shelter

Ultra light Rab Silwing shelter is a great way for two to stay protected.
Rab Silwing
Price $120.00


Ease of Setup 1 / 5
Weatherproofing 1 / 5
Ventilation 1 / 5
Living Space 1 / 5
Fast-Pitch Setup
Shape Other
Free Standing
Capacity 2
Number of Poles 1


Diameter of Poles (mm) 1
Floor Space (sq ft) 0.5
Length (inches) 0.5
Width (inches) 0.5
Interior Height (inches) 0.5
Vestibule Front Area (sq ft) 0.5
Vestibule Back Area (sq ft) 0.5
Weight 13 oz

This 7-by-8-foot tarp is about the same weight and packed size as a rain shell, yet pitches into a roomy, three-season shelter for two (or a palace for one). Eight corners give it plentiful pitching options, so you can adapt to the available space and weather:

“I raise the front end higher during the day, making it easy to get in and out of, arrange my sleeping gear, change clothes, cook, etc.,”. At night, I lower it for better weather protection.” says one tester

Through it all, the catenary cut (curved) edges help the structure stay super-taut, a huge plus when our tester encountered a week of monsoon-like rain and wind along Oregon’s Rogue River Trail. $120; 13 oz.; rab.uk.com