Pumped Up Water: The Best Drink Mixes

For replenishing electrolytes and boosting flavor, our staff favors these mix-ins

CamelBak Elixir (tropical punch flavor)

Drop these sugar-free tablets (1 for every 16 ounces) into your bladder for a tangy tropical drink fortified with caffeine, and a good dose of B vitamins. $7 (12 pack); camelbak.com

Emergen-C Tangerine

It’s the next best thing to a glass of OJ in the morning, complete with a whopping 1000mg of vitamin C. $14 (30 packets); shop.emergenc.com

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix (Raspberries)

Flavored with real fruit and no artificial color or preservatives, this water-enhancer has 35 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. $35 (20-pack); skratchlabs.com

Nuun Active

You get all of the good electrolytes without a cloying sweetness that so many other drinks have. $8 (12 tablets); nuun.com

GU Electrolyte Brew

The electrolytes and calories prevent the bonk and cramping on big dayhikes, singletrack rides, and adventure races. $18 (24 servings); guenergy.com

Acli-Mate Mountain Sport Drink

With rich flavor--like kids’ punch--and just the right amount of effervescence, this one feels good in the tummy and keeps you hydrated during long, active days up high. $28 (30 servings); acli-mate.com