Primus Winter Gas

Press your light-duty canister stove into the shoulder season.
Winter Gas
Price $9.00


Weight 8 oz


Technology Most simple canister stoves sputter and fail when temps dip near freezing (see right). In this century’s first significant innovation in canister fuel, Primus took its standard Power Gas fuel and added a special VaporMesh paper lining to the can. As temps drop, the paper absorbs the liquid gas inside and spreads it out. This keeps pressure high (the theory goes), even as the canister starts to empty.

Power When a night in Colorado’s Arapahoe National Forest dropped down into the teens (normally too cold to use an upright canister stove), the Winter Gas did put out noticeably more power than a regular canister. Downside: The flame also burned out faster.

Price Though the Winter Gas canisters cost almost twice as much as regular fuel canisters, they’re cheaper than a new liquid-fuel stove. $13 for a 16 oz. canister