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Power Practical PowerPot X

This amped-up version of last year’s Editors’ Choice Snow Award-winning cookpot/generator lets you charge even more gadgets as you melt even more snow.
PowerPot X
Price $219.00


Pot Included


Weight 1 lb, 4 oz

Output Just like its little brother, the PowerPot V, this cookpot converts heat from any source into electricity. But with double the wattage and USB ports, the X can deliver a lot more juice. It kept a group of testers charged during three solid weeks of basecamping on a glacier in Greenland. “We would charge from the X for two to three hours each night as we cooked and melted snow,” they report. “That was enough to keep three iPhones and a Bluetooth speaker alive.”

Capacity The PowerPot works best with the highest temperature differential possible, meaning it’s at its prime when melting snow. The X holds 2.3 liters—nearly a liter more than its predecessor—but it’s still on the small side for serious group snow melting. You’ll want a second pot.

Limitations Like its predecessor, you can only use the PowerPot for heating liquids, no solids allowed.

$219; 1 lb. 4 oz.; powerpractical.com