Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery Bank Review

This battery pack has enough power to charge multiple devices.
Lithium 4400 Battery Bank
Price $60.00


Screen Size (diagonal) 0.25


Weight 4 oz

Battery Pack

Wish you could just put a wall socket in your pocket? This little charger gets you pretty darn close. When none of our skimpy battery packs could recharge a juice-hungry GPS device to more than a third full in the Jordanian backcountry, the Lithium 4400 came through, filling the device from zero to full in about 6 hours—while using the GPS. Four white LED indicator lights let you know how much power you have left (and they double as a flashlight).

It got plenty of use on trail and in town. “I took to carrying the Lithium 4400 in my purse all the time,” reports a Colorado tester. “It’s so small I hardly noticed it, but it saved the day many times.” She reports getting two to three iPhone 5 charges out of a full battery (the unit takes up to four hours to load up). Bonus: It comes with a 3-in-1 cable that’ll fit almost any device (but BYO iPhone 5 cable). $60; 4.2 oz.; thepowerpot.com