Post Your Video Online

Learn how to upload your video to YouTube and tap a social network like Facebook or MySpace to post links to your movie. Your adventure is ready for primetime. Here are 19 ways to reach the audience in your living room–or around the world.

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  1. Upload your flick. YouTube accepts a range of formats (wmv, avi, mpeg). Enter tags (keywords used to index pages in search engine results) and titles, and choose public or private.
  2. Create your own personal channel where viewers can find your videos and post comments. BACKPACKER's channel:

3. Tell your friends: Create a group with a theme ("hiking bloopers"), share the link by email, post a bulletin on your channel, or enter a "Stream" room to chat it up.


Looking for viral exposure–or ease-of-sharing with friends? Post your pics or a web bug (A link or photo dropped on a public-sharing website to tease people to your personal webpage or blog) on a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace. These sites typically offer privacy settings that let you choose who gets to see what. And you can upload your images and video clips with a few clicks.