Petzl Grigri+

Belay device
Price $150.00


Weight 7 oz


Our take Even advanced climbers could benefit from increased safety when it comes to their gear, and the Grigri+ takes “assisted braking” to a new level. With a specialized “anti-panic handle,” the device will catch the rope and stop the descent immediately if the belayer pulls too hard on the handle—a common scenario when a climber is being lowered too fast. This makes it an excellent choice for climbers who are just starting out as belayers, as well as anyone who is making the transition from tube-style belay devices to assisted-braking devices. Plus, the beefy stainless steel wear plate makes it durable—it adds weight, but it also adds years of use.

Crag cred “After climbing with various new partners on a climbing tour of Spain and France, I felt confident with the Grigri+ since it’s almost foolproof,” a tester says.