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Patagonia Capilene 4 Pro Zip-Neck and Boot-Cut Bottoms

Smart details make these layers ideal for skiing when temps plummet.
Capilene 4 Pro Zip-Neck
Price $119.00

Features A smooth, yoga-pants-style waistband, a ¾-length cut that reduces bulk in a ski boot, and stay-in-place cuffs kept these long undies in heavy rotation for our staff ski bums. On the top, testers appreciated the high, chin-covering collar on frosty days and the deep chest zip on warmer ones, plus pinch-free thumbholes and a tuckable hem.

Warmth “Like an electric blanket,” says one Colorado Rockies tester. The thick, Polartec Power Dry High Efficiency fabric (a polyester-spandex blend) features a gridded interior construction to trap warm air and Polartec R1 fleece panels on the shoulders, core, butt, and knees for extra insulation. The Pros kept testers toasty in wind-whipped conditions down to the low teens, but proved too warm for active use above the mid-30s. Bonus: The top does double duty as a summer midlayer.

Wicking “I never felt swampy at the top of arduous climbs,” says a tester. Thicker yarns on the interior siphon sweat off the skin, pulling it up to thinner yarns on the surface that disperse the moisture over a larger area for speedy evaporation.

Fit Slight stretch and a gusseted crotch let testers move freely with every turn and pole plant.

Gripe Some testers found the high collar annoyingly floppy when unzipped.

Top: $119; 9 oz. (m’s M); Bottom: $99; 6 oz.;