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Pacific Outdoor Equipment Cruiser Mtn Reg

This two-layered pad weighs a few more ounces, but it's worth it to get the sleeping-at-home feeling.
Price $99.00


Length (inches) 72
Thickness (inches) 2



Deluxe Cushion

If you want mattresslike comfort and are willing to carry a few extra ounces to get it, this is your pad. The 1.6-inch-thick self-inflater has two separate open-cell foam chambers layered one atop the other–with the bottom chamber drilled out for weight and bulk savings. Testers found the innovative design extremely comfortable, with a slightly firmer, more substantial feel than single-layer pads–great for smoothing out bumpy ground. To get the most out of the Tuo, first blow up the bottom layer firmly, then puff up the top layer.

Lie down, and adjust top-layer inflation to your preferred softness. The unique system also means you'll have emergency padding if one chamber is punctured. Available in two additional sizes: short and luxury/thick. $94; 2 lbs. 3 oz.; 20"x72"x1.6";

Drilling in the torso maintains higher insulation while reducing weight. Wedge cut from 2.0 to 0.0 inches thick weighs the same as similar 1.5 inch thick pads but puts more comfort in the torso for increased insulation and comfort.