Oware Doublewide Foam Sleeping pad

This synthetic-insulated, mummy-shaped pad packs down to football size.
Doublewide Foam Sleeping pad
Price $28.00


Length (inches) 60
Thickness (inches) 3


Closed Cell

Many winter pads are almost as bulky when packed as the overstuffed bags they fit under. Not the Recluse 2.5i. This synthetic-insulated, mummy-shaped pad packs down to football size, yet the 2.5-inch-thick mattress kept testers warm to 10°F when they were camped on snow. “I never felt a cold or lumpy spot,” says our Colorado tester, who used it during a snow-cave campout at 10,000 feet.

Thick channels along the sides act like railings and keep sleepers from rolling off the pad (or onto their tentmates). An integrated hand pump makes it fast to inflate, and you won’t suffer from the dizziness that can result from blowing at high altitudes. The 23-inch width won props from broad-shouldered testers, and the 70-denier nylon is pretty tough.

Downside? Weight.


2 lbs. 3 oz. (with included stuffsack and patch kit); 23”x78”x2.5”


Provides wide insulation for hammock users and extra ground insulation for couples.

Plastizote cross linked closed cell foam. Twice as wide as standard foam sleeping pads, thin enough to be folded and rolled for easy carrying, 38 x 60 x 3/16" weighing only 6 oz. r value .689. Free shipping.