Outdoor Research Super Layer - Backpacker

Outdoor Research Super Layer

Highly breathable construction makes this light puffy ideal for working hard in cold conditions.
Super Layer
Price $225.00

Breathability “When I’m hauling butt, this thing dumps heat fast,” says one tester. The PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft insulation is sandwiched between fabrics that maximize airflow: a mesh lining and a light nylon outer. “On a 4,000-foot ski tour up Thompson Peak in Idaho with temps ranging from 20 to 30°F, I never thought about my layers,” reports a tester who wore it for more than 30 backcountry days. “While building a shelter in 8 inches of wet snow, with temps in the low 20s, I expected to sweat,” says another. “Instead I stayed warm without turning into a dripping mop.”

Warmth Don’t expect this to replace a down puffy for nights in camp, but it’s a huge upgrade from a fleece midlayer: more breathable on the move and warmer at breaks.
Features Since the jacket is optimized for movement, OR skipped the hood, which keeps weight, bulk, and price down. The simple, stretchy cuffs are fuss-free, but drafts can sneak in.
$225; 15.3 oz.; outdoorresearch.com