Outdoor Edge Onyx EDC

Best bargain blade
Onyx EDC
Price $30.00


Weight 3 oz


Our take Budget knives are great for hikers who abuse (or just lose) their gear. But they also wear out fast. If you’re not the type to carry a sharpening stone on the trail, then you may be better served by the easily replaceable blades on the Onyx EDC. As soon as a blade gets dull, swap for a new one in a few seconds. At just $14 for a six-pack of extra blades (comes standard with three), your knife will always be razor sharp. The 3.5-inch blade was longer than testers expected for such a tiny, lightweight knife, and it didn’t wobble when cutting through food and small pieces of wood. Dings: You need to remove the blade to clean the knife well. And the Onyx rides a bit high in your pants pocket due to the placement of the clip.

Trail cred “It was easy to flip out the blade with one hand when I was in the middle of detangling a fishing line,” says one tester who carried the Onyx EDC for 20 straight days and even picked a lock with it (don’t ask). “Although it feels a little cheap and plasticky in-hand, the blade only broke on me when I used one to pry open a sticky can lid.”