Oregon Scientific ATC3K Camcorder

Lightweight and durable, the low cost Oregon Scientific ATC3K camcorder is practically outdoor-proof.

Oregon Scientific's ATC3K is a light, rugged, low-priced, attach-it-anywhere camera made more for adventure-sports junkies than serious videographers. It has no bells and whistles, not even an LCD screen, and shoots at 640x480 resolution–perfect for YouTube, not the Banff Mountain Film Festival. What does it have? Awesome durability and portability. It's half the size and weight of the Sony, and it's both shock and water resistant: We dropped it 10 feet onto hard ground and submerged it two feet in a river–camera rolling–with no damage. Want great action shots? The included brackets let you mount it on a mini tripod or strap it to a handlebar, helmet, or pretty much anything else with a flat surface. It runs on two AAs instead of the more common lithium-ion brick, so it's easy to pack extra juice. Bonus: Connect it to your PC and use it as a webcam. $150; 5.5 oz.; oregonscientific.com. Reader service #117