NEMO Equipment, Inc. Tuo Cub - Backpacker

NEMO Equipment, Inc. Tuo Cub

For big-and-tall types, this pad will offer you a comfortable and good night of sleep.
Price $79.95


Length (inches) 48
Thickness (inches) 1.6


Closed Cell

Existing modelThe Tuo Series of inflatable backcountry accessories brings a new level of comfort to the sleeping pad. Literally. The Tuo sleeping pads have a thin film inside that divides the pad into two separate airtight levels, each with their own valve. Not only does this give you complete redundancy in the event of a puncture, it means you can inflate the base layer firm for protection from rocks and roots and keep the top layer partially inflated for maximum comfort. Accessories for Tuo include colorful slipcovers and a Pillowtop slipcover that offers an inch of foam for added comfort and insulation. Tuo Cub packs to 9 X 5 and includes compression style stuff sack and repair kit.