Musuc Selk'bag Lite 4G

Wearable warmth allows you to stay warm in and outside your tent. The union-suit design gives you the capability to move around camp easily as well as sleep comfortably at night.
Selk'bag Lite 4G
Price $99.00


Temperature Rating 45


Girth (inches) 50
Weight 4 lbs, 3 oz

[wearable warmth]

Who hasn’t been there? Warm bag on a chilly morning, and the last thing you want to do is get out and shiver through coffee prep. Problem solved. In this bag, just sit up, swing your feet outside the tent, and make your way to the cooking area, all without leaving the comfort of your cocoon. The union-suit design is a head turner, to say the least, but testers loved the results. And not just for camp-duty convenience. With the 4G’s separate arm and leg chambers, fidgety sleepers could crash in practically any position—no wrestling with bag cut required.

Velcro-sealed portals on each arm allow the use of your hands for cooking and other fine motor skills, and reinforced nylon “soles” let you amble around camp without tearing up the bag’s feet. “Normally, I skip out on stargazing because I get too cold,” says one tester. “With this bag, I could stay out well past dark, make some hot cocoa, and feel just as warm as if I were in the tent.” Testers slept comfortably right down to the 45°F rating, and they liked the large, adjustable hood that can be pulled on and off like a hoody. Downside: It’s heavy, and the polyester fill isn’t as compressible as other insulations. But you do save weight and space by skipping extra layers (like a down jacket) for camp lounging, and there’s nothing wrong with the price. $99; 3 lbs. 3 oz.; 45°F; selkbagusa.comSelk'bag Lite, (part of Selk'bag 4G, 4th Generation) is the lightest Selk'bag ever made. Designed as a pure two-season mummy-bag replacement, Selk'bag Lite was made to provide all the benefits of Selk'bag in a more compact and 30% lighter-weight bag for temperatures down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Also ideal for winter-time use inside a cabin, automobile, or house, Selk'bag Lite features an innovative quick-release for hands (in place of two-way zippers), a soft yet durable nylon shell, and nylon soles for maximum wear resistance and traction without the weight. Three sizes for adults (M-L-XL) and two sizes for kids (K1-K2). Available in Surf the Web (blue), Hyacinth Violet, and Dark Shadow (dark grey).