MSR Ceramic Solo Pot

Eco-friendly pot
Ceramic Solo Pot
Price $60.00


Weight 8 oz


Our take Everyone likes a nonstick pot, but no one likes harming the environment. The problem is that conventional nonstick treatment—PTFE, better known by the brand name Teflon—can release toxic gas when exposed to extreme heat. And it’s bad for the environment when it breaks down and releases PFCs. MSR ditched this chemical treatment in favor of an all-natural ceramic coating. The 1.3-liter, hard-anodized aluminum pot includes a lid with a strainer and the heat-resistant pot handle folds up for easy packing. The ceramic coating distributes heat evenly and holds it longer than an untreated pot (though blasting heat will cause burning). Note: The ceramic interior requires TLC for a long life—never use metal utensils, and clean by hand with a soft cloth or sponge.

Trail cred “I was able to fry eggs and pancakes using no oil or butter without them sticking,” said a tester after a Death Valley trek.