MSR Alpine Long Tool Spoon

Utility spoon
Alpine Long Tool Spoon
Price $10.00


Weight 3 oz


Our take Long-handled utensils for eating out of meal pouches aren’t new, but this one offers a multitasking twist. MSR turned the handle of this stainless steel spoon into a tool for fixing and maintaining liquid-fuel stoves in the field. That’s a godsend because we’ve learned two things over the years: 1) liquid-fuel stoves always need futzing; 2) jet-and-cable tools are easy to lose. “This spoon saved our butts halfway up Mt. Baker,” says a tester who works as a guide. Bonus: The smooth finish lets you lick it clean.

Trail cred Unlike some lighter utensils, this one won’t break or bend. “I stood on one to no effect,” says a tester.