Editors' Choice Award 2017: Mountainsmith Slingback Chair

Save weight and money with this minimalist recliner.
Slingback Chair
Price $25.00


Weight 5 oz


First, a disclaimer: Odds are, you’ll end up sprawled on the ground the first time you try to sit in this chair. But try again, and we guarantee you’ll recline in comfort.

The Slingback is unlike any other chair we’ve tried. It’s simply a piece of fabric—it packs away like a T-shirt—with a place for your butt and slots to hold the handles of two adjustable trekking poles. “We had a camp full of skeptics,” Lewon says, “but once you get situated, the back support is amazing. And you sit so low, I could use it under a tarp.”

To sit: Simply shorten your trekking poles, slide the handles into the flaps, and, while holding the back steady—this is the tricky part—sit down and lean back in one smooth motion. Once the poles are weighted, you can recline in style, and even adjust the angle of the backrest by reaching behind you and repositioning the pole tips. You’re sitting on the ground with no padding, but for the weight and price, there’s nothing like it. If you already carry trekking poles and want to improve every rest break and campsite, this is the lightest and cheapest chair you’ll find.