Mountainsmith Ghost 50

Price $179.95


Frame Type internal
Load Type panel-loading
Fixed Capacity (cubic inches) 3175
Sizes Available 1


Smallest Size (Torso Length/Inches) 17
Largest Size (Torso Length/Inches) 21.5
Weight 3 lbs, 15 oz

New model for this year (Do not check this option if this model was listed as new in last year's Gear Guide)50L panel loader with a breezeway suspension poised well for weekend overnight trips as well as light and fast 3-5 day trail use. The Ghost 50 utilizes new suspension features that include an Iliac Crest Shelf (ICS) hip belt and Lumbar Control Point (LCP) padding that accentuate the body’s natural ability to bear weight on the skeleton and provide a more comfortable ride on the shoulders.