Mountain Hardwear Ozonic 65 OutDry

No need for fussy rain covers or liners with this waterproof pack.
Ozonic 65 OutDry Backpack
Price $270.00


Sizes Available 1


Weight 3 lbs, 15 oz

This pack protects you from one of the worst backcountry surprises: discovering that all your gear is soaked, making a rainy day even worse. Unlike other waterproof packs we’ve carried, which are either way heavy or lack a proper suspension system, this one is lightweight, carries like a dream, and negates the hassle of using pack covers or liners or drybags. “I hauled this for three weeks in Alaska, including stormy days with 50-mph winds at 14,000 feet, and not one drop of moisture wormed its way inside,” our tester says. Credit goes to the OutDry construction process, which laminates a waterproof membrane to the entire pack interior (it’s not submersible, as there’s still a drawstring opening at the top). We also loved the Ozonic’s suspension and fit. The padded mesh shoulder straps attach to a harness with 3 inches of torso adjustability. The aluminum stays, corrugated plastic backpanel, and the plushly padded hipbelt support loads up to 65 pounds. “I lugged this fully loaded and hooked onto a sled for an expedition on Denali. My legs weren’t impressed with the weight, but at least my hips and back were comfortable,” our tester says. Nice touch: In the wettest weather, you can unclip the OutDry toplid and flip it upside-down to protect the non-waterproof zippered pocket.