Mother's Day Gift Guide: Smith Optics Heyday Sunglasses

Good-looking performance shades that fit a woman's face.

Huge, bug-eyed sunglasses might be all the rage in Hollywood, but they’re just not practical on the trail. Smith Optics made the Heyday glasses for women who want to be able to wear the same one pair of great performing eyewear on the trail or on the town. Polarized polycarbonate lenses are tough and cut glare from lakes and roads, and the hydrophilic nose pad actually becomes tackier as you sweat so it doesn’t slip or fall off. “Even through picking my baby up off the ground or stopping to tie my boots, they didn’t move a millimeter,” says one tester. Small, light, and understated, these glasses won’t draw attention but never look out of place. $120; 1 oz.;